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Cool Pictures

 Exploded View ZF S6-40 6-speed Corvette transmission.

1) This T56 is out of a 2003 Aston-Martin Vantage equipped with Ferrari patented paddle-shift technology. $15K for the control system, $12K for the hardware.

2) The C5 Driveline assembly can be removed as one assembly if balanced and supported correctly.

3) This ia a C4 Clutch Hydraulic Actuator (Slave) Cylinder which shows signs of moisture/oxidation which occurred in an air pocket. Notice the orange spot from oxidation.        

4) The Corvette ZF S6-40 shift rod Locking Pins allow for only one gear engagement to occur at a time.

5) Billet NC machined Scatter-Shield Bell Housing available from ZR51 Performance and are manufactured by a Swiss Fabrication Group.


6) Hill side view of Rick Doria's Haus of Pizza Corvette passing through the valley at 200 plus miles per hour. images/doriadriveby.mpeg

7) Quarter mile work out by Phil DeJohn in his Lingenfelter 415 LT5 ZR-1 Corvette. Location - Bowling Green, Kentucky 2001. images/philsrun3.wmv



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