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Our Mission

Is to provide the absolute best performing, strongest and most reliable ZF S6-40 6 speed manual transmission available. We balance and blueprint every unit. Race proven to 220+ mph, our super-duty Open Road Racing ZF 6 speed prototype is running in the 3rd seasons of ORR racing. In the first race of the first season the transmission was subjected to a blown engine, the #8 piston exited thru the side of the engine block. A stronger motor was built and the transmission reinstalled with out any service check. On the last ORR event of the second season, The Haus of Pazza Corvette driven by owner Rick Doria set a new public speed record of 227 mph through one of the course speed traps. During the same race, on-board telemetry indicated a top speed of 230 mph. The transmission was disassembled, condition accessed and reassembled after no problems found. In season three during the first race, the Haus of Pizza Corvette was severely damaged when the left rear tire blew out at 205 mph. The vehicle rolled over twice, landing upright still at speed and controlled down to a full stop. Thanks to a full roll-cage and Rick's skill, he and navigator Will White walked away unharmed. Another race car has been built and the same ZF transferred over into it. No service was performed on the ZF transmission other than transplanting it from one vehicle to the next. The durability test continues...   Some would call it bullet-proof, we call it race-ready.

Good luck to Rick and Will for a safe and successful season of Open Road Racing.

From Street Stock to 10 second 1/4 miles to Unlimited Class Open Road Racing, when it comes down to durability and performance, ZR51 Performance will support all of your ZF 6-speed needs.

Just like we delivered to Rick Doria what we promised, we guarantee to you that your ZR51 Performance built ZF 6-speed transmission will meet or exceed your highest expectations for years to come.

                                                                       Bill Boudreau of  ZR51 Performance, Cave Creek AZ

Company Profile

ZR51 Performance is a specialized service provider for remanufactured high performance manual transmissions such as the German engineered ZF S6-40 Corvette 6-speed and Borg Warner T56 6-speed.

Prior to our 7000+ hours of experience in supporting the ZF S6-40 product line, our staff's technical background includes aerospace systems design and tests of turbine engine controls, commercial flight controls, and satellite telemetry controls as well as prototype tool and die manufacturing.

Our broad range of technical experience is joined by one common denominator. The desire to champion the understanding of system designs and how they perform under various operating conditions.

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Last modified: July 19, 2003